Stainless Steel Reinforcement Queensland Australia

Durinox Stainless Reinforcement Range of Products & Services

Stainless Steel Products:

  • Cold Ribbed Rebar 3mm to 16mm
  • Hot Ribbed Rebar 20mm to 50mm
  • Connection Couplers
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Tie Wire
  • Dowels

Durinox Customised Processing Equipment:

  • Durinox processing equipment is the only dedicated stainless steel reinforcing bar bending and forming equipment in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Cold ribbed product up to 16mm diameter is processed from stainless steel coil into customized bar shapes and lengths
  • Hot ribbed product from 20 to 50mm diameter is processed from standard 11.7m bar lengths into customized shapes and lengths.

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Download the Durinox Product Catalog

Working Weights

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Download the Durinox Product Catalog

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