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Preventing Corrosion in Concrete Structures and Industrial Applications

Lyndons Pty Ltd is the proud new owner of the Durinox brand name, logo, stock and dedicated stainless steel processing equipment, the only equipment of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

Lyndons-Durinox will proudly continue to supply stainless steel reinforcing, cut to length and bent to shape on equipment dedicated to only stainless, into a myriad of applications where longevity and durability in concrete structures are of primary concern.

We aim to be the leading supplier of stainless steel reinforcing in the Australian market by -

  • Having the most comprehensive size range stocked.
  • Having the largest inventory of stocked grades and sizes.
  • Tailoring our grades stocked to conform with internationally recognised BS6744:2009.
  • Only purchasing from mills with “UK CARES” certification.
  • Maintaining our dedicated stainless processing equipment and educating end users of inherent risks of using mild steel equipment to process stainless.
  • Working with our suppliers to further develop information specific to the use of our stainless steel reinforcing.
  • Working with our customers to create awareness and help with specifying.

Did you know… Concrete Corrosion Costs Australia over $26 billion annually!

Don’t let your structure become one of many concrete structures that do not meet there intended design life.

Don’t be fooled… Maintenance, on-going repairs, demolision and rebuilding can cost real money later on in life; a little more spent now, means a lot less spent later!

10 Rules for corrosion

  1. If you think it will not corrode, think again …
  2. Big picture and long-term thinking are very important.
  3. Controlling it starts at the design stage - on the drawing board/CAD terminal.
  4. Prevention is better than cure.
  5. Corrosion damage costs real money; consider the saying: "paying a little now (for prevention), or paying a lot later (for damage)".
  6. Enormous efforts of others have gone into developing professionally recognized codes, standards, specifications, guidelines, manuals … worthy of consulting.
  7. Many a small initial problem, if undetected or "conveniently" ignored, will eventually become a big (very inconvenient) problem that can no longer be ignored
  8. The temptation to "cut corners" can be great - but should be resisted.
  9. Every dollar spent on design improvements can save many dollars (perhaps a fortune) during the subsequent operational life.
  10. Corrosion damage does not only occur "in service", potential problems also lurk in manufacturing, assembly, storage, transportation, repairs, cleaning …